Tuesday, 28 June 2011

June 28th: Identity Confusion

So weird dream. Was in a club. First it was just me going to see someone there, loads of people were dancing and drinking. Dark with a red ambience probably created by the light. There were tv's and the steps were red carpet.
It was my birthday and everyone had come including Daniel and Helen. His girlfriend was meant to come to our night out but she decided to go elsewhere because I was drunk elsewhere. My dream is now taking the form of me watching their siloheute shapes from a corridor into a room. She's arguing because she wants him to go with her but he says he has to stay here and look after me. Then I'm him watching her storm off.
He comes back and I feel slightly elated he chose to be with me and we're both sitting on a sofa very similar to the one at the flat. But then he's all over me wanting to have sex and now he's my ex. I say use my talking to my ex voice and offend him and he's gotten off of me and he's Daniel again, offended and regretting his choice to be with me. He starts engaging in conversation with the girl sitting next to us, and I'm hurt. My uncle is also in the dream - he says something to me but I don't know what. My work mate a different one to primark boy takes me into another room and says he could satisfy me, using cigarettes as a demonstration he points out how much of the penis is needed to give the girl pleasure and says he suffices and is there. We go back to the room and he's smoking a cigarette, mayfair, and he's fitting another ten box easily into his current box which has about 5 in there. We get to a school and the girl daniel was with after me is there bawling her eyes out and giving me the dirtiest look ever. I go up some stairs following a single file line. He's waiting to talk to me very made in chelsea/ the hills style. I can't remember the exact words but he asks me out. I say yes. We go into an ICT class and I sit opposite Daniel and we smile at eachother. Then Bernard is beside me being really nice. And I realise I wana be with him. Daniel disappeared and I was suddenly under the impression I had agreed to go out with my ex again. I was thinking of ways to dump my ex so I could make Bernard happy. Hmmm. He was just smiling at me his whole face lighting up as I stared at him
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