Friday, 29 July 2011

Mumbo Jumbo

We drove for miles and miles, through the motorway and across the contryside. I don;t know what we were running to or running. From I remember we were in india, at the old hous , except the big house wasn't there, just tiny little houses, and that the land that we owned was no the home to a village. We had bikes so we rode them down to this youth centre like place. It was like a spa gym place and all these Engllish tourists were there. I remember walking in, whoever that was with me was standing behind me, and these people were walking out single file, voices bubbling excitedly about something or the other. I remember thinking that I should come and stay in India more often and explore places such as these. I know that I was with a boy now, but who I can't remember, we walk down all these corridors which were dimly lit. There were these carpeted stairs opposite big double doors, and feeling a bit suffocated by the confined spaces and the amount of people we decided to go up them. They lead to another set of double doors, and when we went through them we were on a brightly sunlit corridor. Next thing I know we are being chased and we jump out of the window onto the flat roof...

We're in the car again, green space thats fenced off - probably a mini park, pavements and tress and a lampost, thats what I see when look out of th window of wherever we are, when we have parked up. Someone's gone to someone's house. We're waiting for them to get back.

We've gone back to India. It's the funeral of my uncles father-in-law (who has already passd away in real life, and I remember very well, but I was never close to him at all). The house has a lot of people in it, and I remember shoving past people to get somewhere.

I'm aware of Norman being in my dram, but I cant really say what he was doing there. Me and Helen find a lake. It's kind of like a a massive well except not so deep and more cave like. There's stairs leading down, and the water is so clear its blue. I sit lengthways on one of the steps, and my legs are totally submerged in water. We are waiting for Norman to get back, and in the meantime me and her talk, catchign achother up on whatever.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Dreams are treasure

No truer words exist. When I woke up from July 13th dream I immediately thought of this song. Ever since I started blogging I feel like its harder to remember my dreams. Maybe it's better this way, it filters out all the junk. Kind of gutted though. The whole point of this was to explore my dream world more.

July 13th: "Joey! Get Back Here!!"

Joey (Yes, the same Joey from Friends) runs through the double doors of the Sainsbury's in Hayes where Daniel works.
"What is this beer??" He shouts, looking at the stacks of boxes with a reduced sign hanging on top of it. He picks up the sign and chucks it to the floor before walking off on a rant. Excuse me, I hear a authorative man talk to Joey.
"Aw crap," I think before turning to see who was reprimanding him. A man leans over the customer service counter, arm outstretched to try and grab the attention of Joey who turns the corner. The man's arm drops. I recognise him instantly, even though he is facing awa from me. The way his hair was set in a messy disarray, leading down to a thin tail at the nape of his neck. He turns towards to me, his face disgruntled. My heart misses a beat, and theres a slight pang in my stomach. Longing and anger coarses through me at the same time racing eachother. My desire to go to him wins. I take a step towards to him. His gae is towards the floor, shaking his head, eyebrows pulled together. Suddenly, someone grabs my arms.
"Where's Joey??" Sarah's eyes widen, searching. "C'mon," she pulls me in the opposite direction, away from Daniel, snatching a last glance of him. Who knows when I would see him again.


We're leaving Sainsburys, the guys that Sarah came with need to be somewhere, and are heading to the car as soon as Joey returns. I know I only have a few moments left, so I quickly glance at the counter hoping that he's still there. I'm used to being let down, and I'm not surprised that he's not there. I take a deep breath, trying to collect myself before anyoe noticed my momentary dejection. Someone must have decided that we were waiting for Joey at the car, because he hadn't come back, but everyone was walking out of the store now towards the car park. One last glance -

And there he was. sitting down at the back of the desk. His head was bent over something. He must have been writing something out, and the cashier at the till had blocked my view of him earlier. "I'll be right back" I say to Sarah, walking towards him. I walk to the desk, and he gets up, inspecting the piece of paper. Satsified he sets in front of someone, and he looks up directly at me. I can't read the expression on his face. He walks along the customer service desk, settling down on a chair on the side out of the way of the customers, with a lower table. I sit on it.
"Hey :), it's been a while"

I can't remember the conversation that we had. But I remember the unspoken so clearly. A person gets in his little corner he settled in, so he gets up and leans on the counter, and I position myself closer to him, sliding along the counter. Suddenly I realise our faces are much closer to eachother, his eyes are searching mine and mine his. We both know that this is either the last or first time we see eachother. I want to kiss him so badly, and my gaze moves to the curves of his lips. The way it dips in the middle. I see him lean forward, and I look away from his lips to his whole face. There's resolution on his face. I can't believe that he wants the same thing as I do, but he kisses me. Soft and first, but for me it's not enough. We have such little time. His hands fingers trace along my arm, and over my shoulder, tingles following his touch. He hand settles on the nape of my neck. My stomach does somersalts over and over. I do't know how it got there, but my hands areo n the side of his face. It's more urgent now, more passionate. I remember his scent being all around me. We finally break away, eventhough my desire for him has not even satisfied, if anything its been heightened. I inhale breathing that scent all around me, trying to hoard every little thing, every little memory for later. It's his eyes I look to, wanting to remember them to most.

I wake up - and I realise I haven't wanted anyone that much for so long now. I had almost forgotten what that was like. And What it felt like to be wanted just as much. 

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

5th July: Justin Garner - Paper Heart

The white hotel sheets lie a crumpled mess on the bed, the pillows hang of the bed. The duvet thrown across the floor. Through the open window, a fresh sea breeze sends a wave through the white net curtains. If you looked through that window you would see the sky a colour ranging from a beautiful blue through to purple, pink and orange, building up to the setting sun. Golden. The sea distorts an image already perfect, reflecting back the most beautiful pieces, adding its own glimmer.

If you looked for a bit longer you would see a silhouette of two people embracing. A girl with long hair blowing away from her face in the gentle breeze. She's in the arms of a taller man, with hair going down to nape of his neck, set in a messy disarray.

If you look closer you would see a communication deeper than the spoken word. A yearning to be so much closer than they already are, as if they exist in two different dimensions of the same moment. A moment so short-lived. You would have missed the tear that spilled from her eyes because he wipes them away so quickly, so tenderly with his thumb. She looks away, at sea, embarrassed. She had promised herself she wouldn't do this. She knew it would only hurt more for when they were apart again. He brushes his thumb across her cheek and along her jawline to under her chin, moving her face back to his. He would never forget her face, but he wanted as much of this one opportunity he got to see her to exist as more than a figment of his imagination. Here she is, her honey brown eyes, in his arms. Perfectly fitted.

Then suddenly it all made sense for him. He could not be without her, and she could never let him go. Fate brought them together, but if karma were to interfere, they would come back here, where time stood still and wait for the tide.

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Monday, 4 July 2011

July 4th: Anxiety by day, anxiety by night

Anika leads the way into a very sleek looking bar/club and me and Helen follow. "C'mon let's get a drink" Anika says to Helen turning her back to me ensuring that I feel left out. Helen glances at me not missing Anika's intentions. She goes with her but gives my hand a squeeze. I sigh feeling resigned to this situation, it's always going to be this way when its the three of us. I watch as all eyes follow them to the bar and I envy them. I feel resigned to that envious emotion also.
I meet Dave and Henry and the other two at a car park. I'm guessing I must have left Helen and Anika behind not having the most patience for them this time. We go to the flat, and while feeling relieved I also feel anxious. Dave is in my room, after I changed stuff in there and I don't want him there tainting it with his presence. He says things to me that is normal and jokey which angers me, to think he can be so normal.
We're all walking in the car park again and Helen sees me. I'm feeling so anxious because I don't want her to know I'm with them. This is the one thing she was scared of me doing, but I don't want her to start shouting the odds when things aren't even clear between me and Dave. We walk up a slope where cars are meant to come down to get to the next level. As we walk up, out of the corner of my eye I see Anika and Helen walking on the upper level. She leans over and looks at me with this pained expreSsion on her face. Dave asks her something and in an icy voice that doesn't belong to her she replies "I'm more worried about her being with you" I just stare at her shaking my head. I don't see Daves face. Henry looks confused.
I'm in the flat and I'm kneeling on the bed trying to put the sheets on properly. Daniel stands there arms folded. I'm angry at him about cancelling so last minute with the beach trip. I'm making the bed to keep my mind of the battle inside my head. Be honest and tell him how annoyed I am or pretend it doesn't mean anything, or tell him in a calm manner he should have gave me more notice.
I settle on the last option, and he promises that he'll make it upto me and that we'll go.
"You said that we would go, even if it was just me and you, then u cancel like that"
"Yeah we'll go"
"Let's go then, right now"
"Please, please, please, you promised! Let's go to cornwall"
I see his exasperated expression and that's when I wake up, feeling disgusted at my shameful begging to him. So yeah won't be doing that in real life.
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