Tuesday, 5 July 2011

5th July: Justin Garner - Paper Heart

The white hotel sheets lie a crumpled mess on the bed, the pillows hang of the bed. The duvet thrown across the floor. Through the open window, a fresh sea breeze sends a wave through the white net curtains. If you looked through that window you would see the sky a colour ranging from a beautiful blue through to purple, pink and orange, building up to the setting sun. Golden. The sea distorts an image already perfect, reflecting back the most beautiful pieces, adding its own glimmer.

If you looked for a bit longer you would see a silhouette of two people embracing. A girl with long hair blowing away from her face in the gentle breeze. She's in the arms of a taller man, with hair going down to nape of his neck, set in a messy disarray.

If you look closer you would see a communication deeper than the spoken word. A yearning to be so much closer than they already are, as if they exist in two different dimensions of the same moment. A moment so short-lived. You would have missed the tear that spilled from her eyes because he wipes them away so quickly, so tenderly with his thumb. She looks away, at sea, embarrassed. She had promised herself she wouldn't do this. She knew it would only hurt more for when they were apart again. He brushes his thumb across her cheek and along her jawline to under her chin, moving her face back to his. He would never forget her face, but he wanted as much of this one opportunity he got to see her to exist as more than a figment of his imagination. Here she is, her honey brown eyes, in his arms. Perfectly fitted.

Then suddenly it all made sense for him. He could not be without her, and she could never let him go. Fate brought them together, but if karma were to interfere, they would come back here, where time stood still and wait for the tide.

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