Friday, 29 July 2011

Mumbo Jumbo

We drove for miles and miles, through the motorway and across the contryside. I don;t know what we were running to or running. From I remember we were in india, at the old hous , except the big house wasn't there, just tiny little houses, and that the land that we owned was no the home to a village. We had bikes so we rode them down to this youth centre like place. It was like a spa gym place and all these Engllish tourists were there. I remember walking in, whoever that was with me was standing behind me, and these people were walking out single file, voices bubbling excitedly about something or the other. I remember thinking that I should come and stay in India more often and explore places such as these. I know that I was with a boy now, but who I can't remember, we walk down all these corridors which were dimly lit. There were these carpeted stairs opposite big double doors, and feeling a bit suffocated by the confined spaces and the amount of people we decided to go up them. They lead to another set of double doors, and when we went through them we were on a brightly sunlit corridor. Next thing I know we are being chased and we jump out of the window onto the flat roof...

We're in the car again, green space thats fenced off - probably a mini park, pavements and tress and a lampost, thats what I see when look out of th window of wherever we are, when we have parked up. Someone's gone to someone's house. We're waiting for them to get back.

We've gone back to India. It's the funeral of my uncles father-in-law (who has already passd away in real life, and I remember very well, but I was never close to him at all). The house has a lot of people in it, and I remember shoving past people to get somewhere.

I'm aware of Norman being in my dram, but I cant really say what he was doing there. Me and Helen find a lake. It's kind of like a a massive well except not so deep and more cave like. There's stairs leading down, and the water is so clear its blue. I sit lengthways on one of the steps, and my legs are totally submerged in water. We are waiting for Norman to get back, and in the meantime me and her talk, catchign achother up on whatever.

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